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Economic and Workforce Development Mission

The Department of Economic and Workforce Development's mission is to create employment opportunities that provide family supporting income for the citizens of Baltimore County by retaining and expanding the existing business base and attracting new businesses to Baltimore County and the Region. To secure the long-term well being of Baltimore County citizens and communities by ensuring the County's ability to grow its economy well into the future.

Baltimore County is committed to helping businesses create the jobs and investment that propel a successful economy. Specialists in the department work to identify and meet business needs - from a confidential location search to help with development and construction permits, access to working capital or training new employees. With one point of contact in Baltimore County, businesses can link to local, state and federal resources.       

Real Estate and Site Searches

When a company is ready to expand or relocate, Baltimore County can provide detailed information about available properties and sites that meet real estate requirements. Services include: 

  •  proprietary lists of available properties and sites 
  •  confidential site visits
  •  familiarization tours
  •  introductions to property owners, brokers and developers
  •  GIS mapping
  •  demographic, workforce, infrastructure data

Development and Permitting Assistance

Baltimore County business development representatives work with company real estate staff, architects, engineers and facilities managers to assure you navigate the regulatory system in a timely manner. The County can assist with permitting, coordinating community meetings, and advocating with state and federal agencies. The County can facilitate pre-development meetings with zoning, permitting, and environmental agencies to establish benchmarks and realistic timelines.

Financing Assistance

Baltimore County offers custom financing programs to spur investment and job creation. Private sector, state and federal financing are leveraged with Baltimore County loans to craft a package that helps businesses grow. Below market-rate loans can be used for real estate acquisition, equipment purchase, expansion and renovation.

Finding and Training Workers

Working with the Division of Workforce, universities, colleges and training institutions, and other partners, businesses link to a pool of qualified workers. Customized training and recruitment assistance are available to qualified companies through Baltimore County and Maryland State programs. See the in-depth workforce and employment chapter for more information.

Tax Credits

Enterprise Zone and Brownfields Revitalization tax credits are available to qualifying companies locating, expanding or adding employees in these special districts.

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