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Inmate Services

Inmate Classification

While in the diagnostic housing unit, inmates will be interviewed and assessed by a Classification Officer within 48 hours. Based on the information obtained from the initial interview, the inmate’s criminal record, and the inmate’s file, an assessment will be completed by the Classification Officer to assist in determining custody status and housing assignments. Inmates are assigned the following custody levels: Maximum Pretrial or Sentenced, Medium Pretrial or Sentenced, or Minimum Pretrial or Sentenced. In most cases, inmates are placed in non-restrictive general population housing units. If special circumstances exist, an inmate may be placed in more restrictive or special housing units such as: Administrative Segregation, Protective Custody, Youthful Offenders, Psychiatric Housing, or Medical Housing. An inmate will be placed in one of these units to maintain the safety and security of the inmate and the institution. 

During the initial interview, the Classification Officer will address the inmate’s questions regarding programs, services, court dates, etc. Information obtained during the initial interview will determine housing, job assignments, program placements, and referrals for additional services.

Assigning an Inmate to a Classification Officer

Once an inmate has been classified and transferred from the diagnostic unit, they will be assigned a Classification Officer who will provide direct case management services during his/her incarceration. An inmate may access the services of the Classification Unit by submitting an inmate request form to their Classification Officer. Designated Classification Officers will visit each housing unit at least three times per week. Classification Officers will assist inmates with referrals to the Social Worker, Substance Abuse Counselor, the Public Defender’s Office, G.E.D. Program, and other services offered at the Detention Center.

Contacting the Classification Unit

The Classification Unit is staffed Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m., except holidays. If you have any questions or concerns regarding an inmate you may contact the Classification Unit at the number below. The Classification Unit will provide limited information to the public concerning an inmate’s status. However, it will not disclose an inmate’s court dates, release date, or charges.

For additional information please call the Classification Unit at 410-512-3241.

Inmate Telephone

Inmates are not allowed to receive any incoming phone calls.

In the event there is an emergency in the family, such as a death or severe illness or injury to a family member, a relative of the inmate should contact the Shift Commander’s office at 410-512-3305.

While being processed into the facility, inmates are given the opportunity to make telephone calls to family and bondsmen.

When an inmate is assigned to a regular housing unit, he/she will be allowed to make outgoing calls on a collect call basis from 8 a.m. until 10:45 p.m., with the exception of meal times, institutional counts, lock-downs, and cleaning details.

Inmates will be allotted 30 minutes per phone call; the telephone system will notify inmates when they have one minute remaining and will automatically shut off after 30 minutes have elapsed.

Telephone calls made from the housing units are collect calls only. If you do not have Verizon as your phone service carrier, you must contact IC Solutions to set up an account to receive collect calls. The telephone number to IC Solutions is: 1-888-506-8407, or you may visit their website at and follow the link to PrePaid Collect Calling for more information.

To block calls from inmates, you must also call 1-866-228-4031.

If you have questions regarding billing fees, please contact IC Solutions at 1-888-506-8407.

If you have complaints and or continued problems with the phone service such as bad reception, phone cutoff, or phone out-of-service, please contact IC Solutions at 1-888-506-8407 or our Building Operations Unit at 410-512-3301. The inmate is also encouraged to notify the housing unit officer.

Inmate Funds

Inmate funds are placed into non-interest bearing accounts, known as escrow accounts. There is no minimum or maximum amount that may be placed into an inmate’s account.

Rules for Depositing Funds into Inmate's Account

  • Deposits to inmate accounts must be received either through the mail or placed in the drop box in the front lobby. 
  • Envelopes are provided at the drop box for your convenience. Credit card, debit card, personal checks, or cash will not be accepted. Depositing money from one inmate account to another is strictly prohibited. 
  • Deposits must be in the form of a money order. View the sample money order format (PDF). 
  • Money orders must be made payable to the Baltimore County Detention Center. The inmate's name and identification number must also be noted and legible. The senders name must also be legible. Please place one money order per drop box envelope. Anything other than money orders placed in the drop box envelope will be discarded. Letters, notes, and other communication must be received and processed through the mail.

Deposits received will be credited to the inmate’s account within 72 hours of receipt (subject to restrictions and holds).

Inmates will receive a receipt for all deposits. Please do not call the Finance office an hour after the envelope has been placed in the drop box to verify receipt. Also, please do not call the Finance office the next morning to see if payment has been credited to an inmate’s account. The drop box is emptied every morning and everything is posted according to the inmate ID number placed on the money order.

Rules for Mailing Inmate Funds

Cash and Personal Checks will not be accepted. Mail received containing money orders not made payable to the Baltimore County Detention Center will be returned to sender. To mail a money order, please send to:
 Baltimore County Detention Center
 720 Bosley Avenue
 Towson, Maryland 21204
Remember to include the inmate’s name and ID number on the front of the envelope. Please remove and retain the money order receipt before mailing or placing the money order in the drop box. The money order receipt is the only proof of purchase should any discrepancy arise in reference to the money order.

If there is a discrepancy with an account, the inmate must put the discrepancy in writing and forward it to the Finance office. Any and all discrepancies will be investigated. Family and friends are discouraged from calling in daily during an investigation for updates on the account since we will only discuss an inmate account with the inmate. If we need to speak with a family member or friend, the inmate will provide us with any contact information.

If a family member or friend is inquiring about a specific money order and is able to provide the money order receipt number, Finance will advise if that particular money order has been received.

Upon an inmate’s release from the facility, any money orders received for that person will be returned to the sender if a return address is provided. If no return address is provided, the money order will be placed in the inmate’s account. Once a money order is deposited into the inmate’s account, only the inmate may return with proper ID to claim the money. The Finance office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m., except holidays

Revised November 20, 2012

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