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Maryland Legal Research

An increasing number of legal resources for Maryland are available on the Internet. Current Maryland statutes, regulations and cases are all available. This resource guide is designed to point you to those sources. 

However, it is not an exhaustive list of all resources available, and it is not meant as legal advice. The Law Library is not responsible for this information or the utilization thereof. For further assistance it would be best to consult an attorney.

Maryland Statutes and Regulations

Statutes: To access the current Annotated Code of Maryland online you must go to the Maryland State Law Library's website and select sources of Maryland Laws under the Quicklinks section. Select which version of the laws you'd like to use. The Michie version of the law may be easier to navigate. You may also access the current text of the Maryland Code via the Maryland General Assembly's website.  However, this version has very limited and rudimentary search capabilities.

Bills: The Maryland General Assembly makes bills available from 1996 to the present. Bills can be searched in a variety of ways including subject matter and bill number. Access to current session bills can be found at while access to prior session bills can be found at For bills from prior session, select the check box for the material and year you want to search.

COMAR - Code of Maryland Regulations: COMAR is available online at, however, "the printed version of COMAR is the official and enforceable text. Only the official text may be entered as evidence under Courts and Judicial Proceedings Article, §10-203(a)(2) Annotated Code of Maryland."

Maryland Register: The Maryland Register, available online at, is an official publication of the State of Maryland, published every two weeks. The six most recent issues can be viewed online.

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Executive Branch

Governor: The Governor's website,, shows the current level of the state's Homeland Security Alert as well as links to various gubernatorial documents:

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Legislative Branch

State Legislature: The main website for the Maryland General Assembly contains links to legislators, statutes, bills, and many other resources including budget information, hearing schedules, and dates of interest for the session.

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Judicial Branch

Maryland Judiciary:  
This site contains a wealth of legal information including Court Opinions, case law, and legal forms.

*Court Forms: Select Family Law and District Court forms are available at

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Miscellaneous Resources

Avalon Project: This Yale Law School project at provides easy to read major legal, historical, and diplomatic American documents. Among the documents you can find here are the Charter for the province of Maryland as well as the Constitution of the state of Maryland.

State of Maryland Site: The Maryland state website is From this site you can access internet resources for all three branches of state government as well as state agencies, local governments, and state business and education material.

Maryland Manual: This continuously updated guide to the Maryland government available at shows the organizational structure of the state government. It also presents information about the three branches of state government including statistics on Maryland and the local communities. It includes biographies of Maryland officials and it publishes state history information. It's offered by the Maryland State Archives,

Office of the Attorney General: which has some AG opinions as well as information on a number of other interesting legal topics.

Maryland State Archives: has links to the Maryland Manual and historical records and information which may be of interest to the legal researcher.

Maryland Provincial and Early Statehood Law: The Maryland State Archives offers electronic editions of the earliest Maryland laws on their website Please note, that while this is an invaluable resource for historical documents, it is not always easy to navigate or to read. While some documents have been converted to standard typeface, many are only available via scanned microfilm copies of varying quality. Aside from the provincial charter you can also read the earliest laws past by the legislature among other documents.

Maryland Constitution: The full-text of the state constitution is also available from the State Archives at  

Maryland State Bar Association:
The state's legal professional organization contains information for the general public via their "Public Resources" page

Women's Law Center:
This site provides some information on law and how it relates to women and families. It has a section specifically on Domestic Violence that may be helpful to non-lawyers.

People's Law Library: 
This site provides "legal and self-help information on Maryland and federal law affecting low and moderate income persons and their families." This is a good first stop for non-lawyers with legal questions.

University of Baltimore School of Law:

Law Library:

University of Maryland School of Law:

Thurgood Marshall Law Library:

Code Lynx – Maryland Codes Administration online: “Code Lynx contains building, fire and other codes information for the State of Maryland and includes information from those local jurisdictions that adopt and enforce these codes. There are links to related federal government agencies for the accessibility code, the energy code and the HUD Manufactured Home program.”

Revised September 30, 2013

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