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Guardianship Report Forms

Below is a list of guardianship forms that are available to assist you in submitting periodic reports to the Court if you have been appointed a guardian:

  • Initial Inventory of Assets (Word)      Initial Inventory of Assets (PDF)                               
    This is the initial list of all assets and income of your trustee. Report is due within 60 days after your  appointment. 
  • Annual Fiduciary Report (Word)       Annual Fiduciary Report (PDF)                                                                                                        
    This report is a description and values of all assets, expenses and income. Report
     is due 60 days from the anniversary of your appointment.
  • Annual Report of the Guardianship of the Person (Word)             Annual Report of the Guardianship of the Person (PDF)                                                      
    This report is used to update the Court on the well being of the trustee, including their physical and mental conditions, current living situation or planned future care issues. Report is due within 60 days from the anniversary of your appointment.

Please submit all reports to:

The Trust Department
Circuit Court for Baltimore County
401 Bosley Avenue
P.O. Box 6754
Towson, MD 21204

Revised November 23, 2010

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