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Open for Business

Open for Business - A new priority for serving communities in Baltimore County.

Resources for the Business Community

What Resources Does Baltimore County Offer to the Business Community?

What Other Public Buying Entities are Located in the County that are Available to the Business Community?

What Other Governmental Offices should I be Familiar with?

What Do I Need to Do?

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What Resources Does Baltimore County Offer to the Business Community?

Budget and Finance - Purchasing and Disbursements

The County’s Purchasing Division is a centralized procurement office responsible for buying commodities, supplies, services, human services, office equipment, janitorial, building maintenance, vehicles, communications, computer hardware/software, peripherals and related services, furniture, recreational products, landscaping and more.

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Budget and Finance - Taxpayer Services

To pay your real or personal property taxes or search for property tax information, you will need a parcel identification or account number. You also will need to review and agree to Baltimore County's User Terms and Conditions.

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Department of Planning

The Department of Planning is a highly responsive, interactive agency that has a fundamental mission to strengthen, enhance and stabilize the county’s older, established communities. These older communities in the County, where a significant majority of the County's residents live, were officially designated as Priority Funding areas.

The Department of Planning, Division of Neighborhood improvement, provides services to strengthen, enhance and stabilize the county's older, established communities. The majority of the agency's work can be described as community development or community revitalization.

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Economic Development

Businesses turn to the to advocate with regulatory agencies, facilitate the development approval process and link to problem solving resources

Economic Development and Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce - Small Business Resource Center
410-887-8000 and 410-825-6200

The Gateway is a collaborative effort between the Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce, the Department of Economic Development and the Baltimore County Public Library. Under direction of the Department of Economic Development and the Baltimore County Public Library, existing resources were culled and new information captured to create a comprehensive site for answers on Baltimore County.

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Federal Stimulus

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) impacts all areas of government and business including Economic Development, Energy, Environment, Education, Health and Human Services, Housing, Public Safety, Transportation and Workforce Development.

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Minority Business Enterprise

The Minority Business Enterprise provides information to minority, women and disabled owned businesses regarding procurement opportunities, preparing of business and marketing plans and financial information. Baltimore County Government is committed to providing greater opportunities for participation by minority, women and disabled owned businesses.

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Commission for Women

It is the mission of the Baltimore County Commission for Women, through education and outreach, to identify and advocate for programs, legislation, and services to meet the needs of the women of Baltimore County.

Permits, Approvals and Inspections - Development Management Division

Our Development Management Division reviews new development plans to make sure they comply with land use regulations and fit in with existing communities and infrastructure. Development Plans Review reviews the necessary public improvements each project requires, and Real Estate Compliance deals with the related rights-of-way, easements, etc.

Public Works - Construction Contracts Administration

Our mission is to provide responsible, efficient and effective engineering and construction administration services for County infrastructure, acting as owner and guardian during construction. We provide these services for all new and rehabilitation contracts including sanitary sewers, water mains, roads, bridges and storm drains, public buildings and pumping stations throughout the County. We also provide our services for other departments in the County government, including Recreation and Parks, Environment Protection Services (EPS), Police, Fire and Revenue Authority.

Public Works - Professional Services Selection

The selection of consultants for Professional Services (professional practices of architecture, landscape architecture, engineering or land surveying) contracts for County agencies (not Board of Education) is done by the Professional Services Selection Committee (PSSC). The Bureau of Engineering and Construction performs the administrative and record keeping part of the Selection Process for the PSSC.

Workforce Development

With the guidance of the Baltimore County Workforce Development Council, the Baltimore County Office of Workforce Development plays a unique role in the workforce development arena. In concert with the Department of Economic Development, the Baltimore County Workforce Development System (BCWDS) acts as a broker for initiatives designed to develop a skilled workforce.


Zoning is a system of land use regulation that controls the physical development of land. It is a legal mechanism by which local government is able to regulate an owner’s right to use privately owned land for the sake of protecting the public health, safety, and/or general welfare.

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What Other Public Buying Entities are Located in the County that are Available to the Business Community?

What other governmental offices should I be familiar with?

Minority and Women's Business Certification

State of Maryland

Note: Non-compliance with SDAT can result in a delay in contract award or rejection of a bid.

Federal Government

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Revised May 24, 2013

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