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Minority Business Enterprise Commission

In keeping with its goal of increasing opportunities for minority, women and disabled-owned business enterprises, Baltimore County has established this Commission. The purpose of the Commission is to advise the Baltimore County Executive on ways to increase opportunities for participation by minority, women and disabled-owned business enterprises in the County's procurement process.

The duties and responsibilities of the Commission are to:

  • Examine the various aspects of the County's procurement procedures to determine if there are barriers, which may deny equal access and opportunity to minority, women and disabled-owned businesses to compete for County's procurement contracts.
  • Conduct surveys and studies concerning the County's procurement policies, utilization of minority, women and disabled-owned businesses and conditions of problems as determined by or as directed by the County Executive.
  • Review and recommend changes in existing rules, regulations and practices and if necessary propose new legislation pertaining to the purchase of commodities and services.
  • Receive complaints from aggrieved parties, conducts hearings as appropriate to resolve such complaints and submit their findings and recommendations to the County Executive or designee for consideration and action.
  • Review proposals of vendors and County staff regarding changes in the MBE program and provide recommendations on such changes.
  • Sponsor workshops and seminars for MBE/WBE's on how to do business with Baltimore County and other topics designed to make such businesses more competitive in the County's procurement process.


Revised April 26, 2016        

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