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Minority and Women's Business Enterprise Program

Open for Business

"Building a successful relationship with Government opens doors to important opportunities for businesses in the private sector. When Government takes a leadership role, the private sector often follows. That is why Baltimore County is committed to growing our economy by investing in the future of our minority and women-owned businesses," said County Executive Kevin Kamenetz.

The Baltimore County Minority and Women's Business Enterprise Program was established by Executive Order to increase Minority and Women's Business (MBE and WBE) participation in county contracts. The County seeks to have an overall goal of 15 percent of the total dollars spent on discretional procurements awarded to and performed by MBE and WBE firms.

The program is comprised of the following components:

Compliance and Monitoring

The Executive Order (PDF, opens new window) is the culmination of an extensive evaluation of existing practices and a collaborative effort between contractors, sub-contractors and County purchasing officials. It advocates to develop better reporting methods, target specific industry sectors, foster more effective partnerships and provide assistance in conducting business with the County.

MBE and WBE Forms

The forms below are PDF and will open to a new window.

Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise (MBE and WBE) Directory

Use the MBE and WBE directory to search for certified minority or women owned businesses that have been approved to use on Baltimore County or Federal-Aid projects.

The directory consists of firms certified by the Maryland Department of Transportation Minority Business Enterprise Office, the City of Baltimore Minority Business Enterprise Office.  Minority and women owned firms certified by Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) and Baltimore City will automatically be included in this directory.

Contractors who have or have had active contracts with Baltimore County that are and were to report subcontractor payments may also appear in the directory.


Baltimore County Government does not offer a Minority Business Enterprise and Women Business Enterprise (MBE and WBE) Certification Program. Minority and women owned businesses that wish to participate in Baltimore County's Minority and Women owned business enterprise (MBE and WBE) program as it relates to the MBE and WBE participation goals set in contracts must be certified by at least one of the following:

Baltimore County Purchasing Division uses the Minority Participation Affidavit to readily identify minority and woman owned businesses that are responding to the County’s solicitations as a prime or general contractor. The affidavit can be used by a non-certified MBE and WBE business who affirms their status as an MBE and WBE under oath. However, it can not be used to meet MBE and WBE participation goals in County contracts.

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Compliance Reporting for Prime Contractors and Sub-Contractors

Prime Contractors will report payments to minority and women subcontractors using an electronic payment verification system to comply with the terms and conditions of their Baltimore County contract in accordance with the Minority and Women Business Enterprise Requirement.

Subcontractors will have the ability to verify and acknowledge receipt of payments for work performed on County contracts via the compliance software.

Please follow the step by step instructions to report and verify payments.

Baltimore County, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), and Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) Projects:

Prime contractors or consultants may use firms that have been certified by either Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) or Baltimore City's Minority Business Certification program for.

State Highway Administration (SHA) Projects:

Prime Contractors or Consultants must use firms that have been certified by Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT).

Compliance Reporting Questions

Please contact the Minority Business Enterprise Office by calling 410-887-3407 for questions regarding the MBE and WBE compliance reporting.

Procurement Assistance

Businesses do not have to be located within Baltimore County to bid on County solicitations. Minority and Women owned businesses do not have to be certified as such to bid direct to the County.

Solicitations are previewed to determine whether subcontracting is available in an effort to incorporate MBE and WBE participation goals. While the overall goal is 15 percent, a specific goal may be set with each discretionary solicitation, based on the level of ready, willing and able certified MBE and WBE firms. The MBE and WBE participation is an important evaluation criterion in determining a successful offer in the Request for Proposals (RFP).

MBE and WBE participation goals set in a solicitation are subject to all contractors bidding direct to the County, including minority and woman owned contractors. This means if you are a MBE and WBE prime, certified or not, you are still expected to obtain the goal using other minority or woman owned businesses. 

The County maintains a directory of minority and woman businesses certified by The Maryland Department of Transportation and the City of Baltimore as ready, willing and able, for Prime contractors at MWBE Directory. 

The following information is available on the Purchasing Overview:

For Public Work contracts, general contractors (and on occasion subcontractors) must be pre-qualified 10 days prior to bid opening. To obtain pre-qualification requirements visit: Architect and Engineers or Construction Contracts Administration.

Vendors conducting business with Baltimore County may need to be registered with the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT). For information on whether registration is required Vendors should contact SDAT by calling 410-767-1340.

Baltimore County verifies the company's status with SDAT and may require the successful bidder to submit a Good Standing Certificate, also known as a "Certificate of Status," issued by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation's Charter Division, and State of Organization.


  • Is not required typically for contracts awarded by the Purchasing Division. On occasion, a construction bid solicited by the Purchasing Division may require pre-qualification. If pre-qualification is required it would be noted in the bid package.
  • Architects, Landscape Architects, Engineers who wish to be considered for work with Baltimore County should refer to the Professional Services Selection for prequalification information.
  • Contractors who wish to bid as general contractors for the construction Contracts Division must be pre-qualified through Baltimore County's Construction Contracts Administration Division.
  • Material suppliers that wish to be participate in procurement for the Construction Contracts Administration must be approved as a Source of Supply.

Training and Outreach

The Office of Budget and Finance, Purchasing Division regularly schedules procurement outreach events to provide an opportunity for vendors to:

  • Gain an understanding of the purchasing process
  • Meet the County buyers and ask questions
  • Learn about bid opportunities with the County
  • Review a list of current contracts
  • Network with other vendors
  • Participate in other business workshops, seminars and conferences

Outreach attendance is not required in order to participate in the Baltimore County procurement process.

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Available Contracting Opportunities

  • Purchasing Division - Purchase include but are not limited to goods, promotional items, janitorial services, facility maintenance, construction, other professional services, telecommunication, information technology and related services, equipment, health and human services.
  • Professional Services Selection (Public Works) – Selection of consultants for architecture, landscape architecture, engineering services.
  • Construction Contracts Administration (Public Works) - Contracts for services in the areas of sanitary sewers, water mains, roads, bridges and storm drains, public buildings and pumping stations.

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Workshops and Seminars

The MBE office holds and promotes a series of informational workshops and seminars held by the County and other jurisdictions to assist small and minority owned businesses. Visit our calendar of events for an up-to-date schedule.

Contact Us

Damon Hughes, Minority Business Enterprise Officer 
400 Washington Avenue
Towson, Maryland 21204

Phone: 410-887-3407
Fax: 410-769-8914

Carla Tucker, Minority and Small Business Marketing Manager
400 Washington Avenue
Towson, Maryland 21204

Phone: 410-887-3119
Fax: 410-828-7914

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Revised December 4, 2014

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