Department of Aging
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The following list of resources and publications are produced by the Baltimore County Department of Aging and are available by calling 410-887-2594 or emailing



  • Focus on Safety - Educational resource to highlight an array of strategies to assure personal, fire, computer and financial safety.
  • It May Be Your Third Largest Purchase: Funeral Planning(PDF) - A resource publication that covers all aspects of preparing and planning for your funeral (online only).
  • A Legal Guide for the Aging Family - A booklet to provide valuable guidance on legal issues affecting older adults (online only).
  • Community Resources - A valuable resource directory for older adults and their families that provides information on Department of Aging services and other county community services.
  • This Card Could Save Your Life - Known as the Orange Refrigerator Card, this card has space to list all your medications and other medical information. Emergency medical personnel look for this card on refrigerators in time of emergency.
  • Two Generations - The Department of Aging's magazine to highlight various program and services affecting older adults.

For copies of any of the above or for more information, call 410-887-2594 or email

Revised February 10, 2014

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