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Department of Aging
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Lending Library - Behavior Management

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Caresource Healthcare Communications

Behavior Management

Managing Difficult Resident Behavior: Fundamental Steps for Providing Care Safely and Professionally

Using the videotape, group discussions and exercises, staff will be able to recognize difficult resident behavior, identify possible causes of these behaviors and learn caregiver skills useful in preventing and managing them.

DVD - 30 minutes


American Psychiatric Nurses Association

Behavior Management

Caring For Aggressive Older Adults Across Levels of Care

Provides practical solutions to a variety of real life problems experienced by older adults and their care providers.

DVD - 23 minutes


David Smith, MD, Wes Granstrom

Behavior Management

Recognition and Treatment of Anxiety in Long Term Care

A comprehensive look at behavioral problem solving, highlighting a few common non-psychiatric causes and psychopathology.

VHS - 19 minutes


Gena Cramer, Robert Chaponis, Stephen Bauwens, Thomas Chamberlain

Behavior Management: Sleep

Sleep Problems in the Elderly: Management

A variety of non-pharmacological management techniques to help overcome sleep problems.

VHS - 28 minutes


Michael Gloth, III, MD

Behavior Management

Agitation, Aggression and Violence

The video provides a management approach that emphasizes proper assessment, early recognition, and specific interventions.

DVD/ VHS - 20 minutes


Video Press, University of Maryland School of Medicine

Behavior Management and Caregiving

Paranoia, Suspiciousness, and Accusations

A discussion of the most common causes of these behavioral symptoms.

DVD/ VHS - 20 minutes


Video Press, University of Maryland School of Medicine

Behavior Management and Caregiving

Positive Approaches to Difficult Behaviors

Common behavioral and mood problems and the principles underlying their evaluation and care.

DVD/ VHS - 20 minutes


Video Press, University of Maryland School of Medicine

Behavior Management and Caregiving

Sleep, Sex and Wandering

Specific interventions that offer a better chance for improved function.

DVD/ VHS - 20 minutes


Division of Aging, Health and Human Services, Delaware

Behavior Management and Caregiving

Sexuality in Nursing Homes

A frank discussion of sexuality of the elderly in nursing homes.

DVD/ VHS - 30 minutes


Silvia Prodan Lange, RN

Behavior Management and Caregiving

Psychiatric Emergencies and Nursing Action

A five part online training course.

Print Material


National DMDA

Behavior Management

Dark Glasses & Kaleidoscopes: Living With Manic Depression (Bipolar Disorder)

An exploration of the symptoms and treatment of manic depression as well as resources available through the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance.

VHS - 33 minutes


Chris Curton

Behavior Management and Caregiving

Managing Difficult Behaviors

A series of six “train the trainer” modules covering care for dementia residents regarding putting the person first, catastrophic reacting, bathing, the environment, and activities of daily living.

Print Material


Sara Hunt

Aging Process

Aging Process

Aging and personal evaluation.

Print Material


Camille Wade Maurice

Behavior Management

Educating Nursing Assistants

Learning to deal with aggressive behaviors.

Print Material


Camille Wade Maurice

Behavior Management

Difficult Behaviors

Learning to manage difficult behaviors.

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Revised August 14, 2013

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