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Medicare 2015 Fact Sheet

A, B and D Cost Changes

Part A Costs

Part A Monthly Premium:

  • If worked 40 or more quarters generally no Part A premium 
  • If worked less quarters there is a premium for A:
    $407/month 0 to 29 quarters
    $224/month 30 to 39 quarters

Hospital Stay Deductible and Costs:

  • $1,260             Deductible (for each benefit period)
  • $315 per day  For days 61 thru 90 (for each benefit period)
  • $630                For lifetime reserve days (after each 90 day benefit period, up to 60 days over your lifetime)

Skilled Nursing Facility Stay:

  • $0                    For the first 20 days each benefit period
  • $157.50 per day    21 to 100 days in benefit period

Part B Costs

Part B Monthly Premium:

  • $104.90 If income is under $85,000 single; $170,000 couple.

Part B Deductible:

  • The first $147 yearly.

Assistance with Medicare Part D

Extra Help:

  • 2014 Benchmark $30.61
    (If premium is over the benchmark by $2 or less, some standard plans do not charge the difference)
  • Full Extra Help 100 percent FPL               Generic $1.20; Brand $3.60
  • Full Extra Help Over 100 percent FPL      Generic $2.65; Brand $6.60

2015 Standard Medicare D Plan:

  • A monthly premium
  • Maybe a deductible no more than $320
  • Initial coverage period until the full cost of drugs total $2,960 is spent, then coverage gap period known as the donut hole begins. Brand drugs are discounted by 55 percent and generics by 35 percent in the gap.
  • Catastrophic coverage period when total out of pocket threshold is $4,700 (full cost of drugs $6,680) when drugs cost five percent or less.

Revised December 16, 2014

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