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Department of Aging
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Pledge to 'Be Mobile, Drive Safe'

The 2014 Be Mobile, Be Safe pledge is presented by the Department of Aging.

The Baltimore County Department of Aging's Be Mobile, Drive Safe program is designed to keep older drivers safe and on the road for as long as possible.

While most older adults are good drivers, there are physical changes that come with aging that can impact the ability to drive safely. Be Mobile, Drive Safe helps senior drivers stay on top of their safety – and helps friends and family members assist them in making smart decisions about when and how to safely operate a motor vehicle.

We encourage seniors and their family and friends to take the Be Mobile, Drive Safe pledge. Each month’s participants who commit to at least one pledge item will be entered into a prize drawing.

Take the Pledge Now

Helpful Resources and Ways to Pledge

Learn more about the many ways you can pledge to Be Mobile, Drive Safe. Review the full list of pledge opportunities below, including resources to help you meet your goals.

  • Schedule a routine eye exam or a hearing test, or help your loved one do so.
  • Schedule regular safety inspections and tune-ups to ensure your car is safe to drive.
  • Attend an educational seminar to educate yourself about vehicle maintenance and care.
  • Avoid distracted driving like using your phone, texting and eating while driving.
  • Attend an educational seminar to learn more about your medications and how they affect your driving.
  • Attend a CarFit event at a local senior center to learn how to properly fit your car for you, defensive driving tips and more.
  • Contact Baltimore County MAP to locate a senior driver safety assessment or learn about alternate transportation.
  • Take a driver safety refresher course in a senior center or local driving school, which may reduce your auto insurance rates.
  • Check out online tools to improve your driving with tips or driver simulators.
  • Attend travel training to alert you to transportation alternatives in your area when you or a loved one are unable to drive.
  • In May, go to a public library or senior center in Baltimore County and get a free copy of our transportation publication.
  • Talk to a loved one or friend about how aging can affect driving capabilities and how to Be Mobile, Drive Safe!

Revised March 4, 2014

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