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Medicaid Waiver for Older Adults

The goal of the Medicaid Waiver is to enable older adults to remain in a community setting even though their advanced age or disability would warrant placement in a long-term care facility. The waiver allows services that are typically covered by Medicaid only in a long-term care facility to be provided to eligible persons in their own homes or in assisted living facilities.

Under a Medicaid Waiver, the federal government "waives" certain requirements it imposes on states, such as the requirement that the services be provided in a nursing facility. For eligible clients, the state will pay for covered services to enable them to stay in the community.

Q. What are the eligibility criteria for the Older Adults Waiver?
When waiver slots are available, individuals must meet medical, financial and technical guidelines to be eligible for Older Adults Waiver services, such as:

  • Medical: Individuals must require a nursing facility level of care based on an assessment from their local health department.
  • Financial: Monthly income of no more than 300 percent of the SSI level. Assets may not exceed $2,000.
  • Technical: Maryland resident, aged 50 and older.

Q. How do I apply?
Currently, there is a waiting list for this program. You may put your name on the waiver services registry by calling 1-866-417-3480. Once your name is on the registry waiting list, the state will notify you when slots become available. Only after being contacted will you complete the application process.

Revised May 8, 2013

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