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Department of Aging
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Senior Employment Services

Over the next decade, the number of Americans age 55 or older will increase by almost 30 percent - they will be working well beyond the traditional age of retirement. The goal of the Department of Aging is to provide employers and mature jobseekers with the resources needed to address the changing workforce. 

The Senior Employment office offers the following services and programs: 

Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)

In the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), individuals age 55 and older are subsidized in part-time community service positions not to exceed 20 hours per week and are paid minimum wage.  These positions enable host agencies to increase service to the community and give participants new or updated skills that will enable them to enter the competitive job market.

Baby Boomer Expo/Senior Expo 2014: Veterans' Resources

Expo 2014 welcomes a special feature area, a Veterans Resource Muster, which is supported by Edward Chow, Maryland Secretary of Veterans Affairs, and Kevin Kamenetz, Baltimore County Executive. The Veterans' Muster also offers the chance to share resources between Baby Boomers and our Veterans for housing, support services, medical care, honors, employment, and counseling information and assistance. Join us on October 22 to 23 at the Maryland State Fairgrounds.

Call 410-887-4006 for additional information or visit the Expo website.

Revised June 16, 2014

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