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Department of Aging
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CountyRide Shopping Shuttle

General Information

The Baltimore County Department of Aging's CountyRide program provides a Shopping Shuttle program. The destination may change from month to month to give participants a selection of shopping experiences. The Shopping Shuttle may go to grocery stores, malls, or individual stores, depending on what the coordinator requests.

Participants may use the shopping shuttle in their area of the county at least once per month. A shopping coordinator will organize the shopping program for each area. Contact CountyRide for details about the coordinator in a specific area.

A shopping cart will be available for purchase for the low discounted cost of $5.

When participants arrive at their shopping destination, approximately 1- 1/2 hours will be allowed for shopping. Frozen foods and other perishables should be picked up last or a thermal container brought along to preserve them. The Shopping Shuttle driver will discuss return pick-up time and location with the Shuttle participants.

Who Should Use the Shopping Shuttle

  • Those who need a ride to the store
  • Those who like to shop with a friend
  • Those who can't carry all their packages
  • Those who would like to use a cart but don't want the hassle of loading and unloading it into their car
  • Those who find parking a problem

How to Obtain a Shopping Cart

  1. When calling to schedule the first shopping trip, request from the intake specialist that a cart and a brochure to be sent (the application is included in the brochure). Alternatively, you can download the brochure. (PDF)
  2. Fill out the application and return it to the CountyRide Office, 611 Central Avenue, Towson, MD 21204. Include a check or money order in the amount of $5 if purchasing a cart. Please allow 30 days to process a cart request.
  3. The cart, with the individual's name on it, will be on the vehicle for the next scheduled Shopping Shuttle.
  4. Participants can use their own cart, if they already have one. The shopping and transporting will be much more enjoyable if a cart is used. 
  5. Participants must call at least one week prior to the scheduled Shopping Shuttle trip to be placed on the passenger list and get the time of pick up. 
  6. Participants should consult with the Shopping Shuttle Coordinator regarding the specifics of their trips.

Cost of the Shopping Shuttle

  • Shopping trips will cost the same amount as any other trip, one ticket ($2.50) or three dollars cash each way.
  • Shopping carts are $5 each (one cart per person.)
  • Only registered CountyRide clients participating in this program may purchase a shopping cart.
  • Call 410-887-2080 for more information.

Revised April 16, 2014

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