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Hereford Senior Center

Photo of Hereford Senior Center.

510 Monkton Road
Summit Manor Second Floor
Hereford, Maryland 21111

Phone: 410-887-1923 (Tuesdays)
Alternate Phone: General Information (Monday, Wednesday to Friday) 410-887-2040
Fax: 410-887-1951


Tuesdays Only
9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Center Supervisor: Bettye Holt-Haskins

The Hereford Senior Center hosts a variety of activities for seniors age 60 and up. You are invited to visit our center on our open day, Tuesdays. Learn how you can benefit from becoming a member and, best of all, there is no fee to become a registered member. Enjoy the green valleys and beautiful farming landscapes as you drive to Baltimore County’s northernmost neighborhood senior center. 

Program Offerings

Learn about Hereford's special programs and events by reading the "Senior Comet" (PDF), a monthly newsletter which describes the activities of the month as well as ongoing programs. The best offering is socialization with your peer group in a friendly environment. Other offerings include art, ceramics, chair exercise, playing cards, knitting, crocheting, crafts, flea markets, and greeting card class. A catered lunch is served each day. We have monthly blood pressure screenings, as well as other health screenings and health education on a regular basis. We have entertainment of all varieties, as well as speakers on many different topics, a monthly birthday party and holiday celebrations. Bingo is offered on-site each Tuesday. In addition, this senior center is a link to the many services offered by the Department of Aging


Volunteers help this senior center be what it is today. As the receptionist greets, other members are leading many classes, holding Board positions, advocating, and volunteering in their own way. Their efforts add up to one great senior center! Please call if you have an interest in volunteering.

History of the Hereford Senior Center

On May 1, 1979, the Mt. Carmel-Prettyboy Senior Center was opened by the Baltimore County Department of Aging. This was the result of a representative of the Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church requesting the county open a site there. After a community meeting with the Department of Aging, the center was established. Money was donated by the Hereford Optimist Club, the Izaak Walton League and by several community members to establish a council treasury. Soon thereafter, a member of the West Liberty Church suggested that a center be opened at West Liberty, and this came to be in 1980. The West Liberty Center later closed and merged with the Mt. Carmel-Prettyboy Senior Center. For 35 years the senior center operated in the Education Building of the Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church, however, the membership outgrew the space and many participants found it difficult to access the second floor without an elevator. A larger space with accessible restrooms and Wi-Fi was found at the second floor of the Hereford Volunteer Fire Department's Summit Manor Banquet Hall. On January 6, 2015, the senior center officially moved to its new location. 


The mission of the Hereford Senior Center and the Baltimore County Department of Aging is to develop and administer programs and activities that support Baltimore County senior citizens in their efforts to remain healthy, active and independent members of the community and to provide, coordinate, and advocate for services which ensure the highest quality of life for both active and health-impaired seniors, their families and caregivers.


Drive north on I-83 to Exit 27, MD-137 Mt. Carmel Road. Turn right toward Hereford on MD-137. Turn right on York Road MD-45. Take first left onto Monkton Road MD-138. The senior center is located behind the Hereford Volunteer Fire Department on the second floor of Summit Manor.

Contact Us

Call 410-887-1923 (Tuesdays) or email  You can also call 410-887-2040 for general information on days when the center is closed.

Revised April 26, 2016         


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