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Ateaze Senior Center Cycling Seniors

The Cycling Seniors pose for a group photo
Ateaze Senior Center
7401 Holabird Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21222
Phone: 410-887-7233
Fax: 410-887-7356

Cycling Seniors Schedule

Welcome to the Ateaze Cycling Seniors for 2016. The program has been in place since 1991.

About half of our bike rides are designated as “aggressive” or "moderate"; they are longer and on more difficult terrain than the casual rides. “Casual” rides are for the less experienced rider. These are of shorter distance, on gentler terrain, and may include a bicycle clinic to help brush up on skills. Please choose to attend rides suitable to your capabilities.

All Rides start at 10 a.m. unless otherwise noted. Rider leader has the option to move ride start one hour earlier in case of hot weather. If weather is questionable, check email or call the leader. Helmets are required on all rides.

Rider Responsibility

  • Your bike should be in good condition. You should have two water bottles, pump and tools to fix a flat.
  • Pick a ride that is within your ability take into account terrain and distance.
  • If the weather is hotter or colder than normal, be sure you are capable of riding under this condition.
  • Be at the ride start at least 15 minutes early to allow time to get your bike ready and sign in.

Baltimore County Department of Aging requires all program participants to be registered members of the center to which they engage in activity. Therefore, ride leaders will have available registrations forms for new members. If you registered last year, a volunteer will be contacting you via telephone to update your application. This process also strengthens the Cycling Senior Program.

Ateaze Senior Center welcomes donations in support of this program. Please mail to the Ateaze Senior Center, 7401 Holabird Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21222. Please mark the envelope and check Cycling Seniors.

Please contact the Ateaze Senior Center for information on when the 2016 rides will begin.

Revised February 4, 2016

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