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Information for Caregivers

Through a grant from the National Family Caregivers Support Program (NFCSP), the Caregivers Program serves family members caring for Baltimore County adults over age 60, as well as grandparents over age 55 with primary care responsibility for grandchildren.

The Baltimore County Department of Aging (BCDA) Caregivers Program offers a variety of services and resources to help family caregivers to provide good care for their relatives, while also taking care of themselves.

Family Caregiver's Booklet

Family Caregiving: The Art of Caring for Your Older Relative (PDF) is a 48-page guide developed and published by BCDA. Within the guide’s 20 chapters, readers will find helpful information to assist with the challenges of caring for an older relative, while also taking care of themselves. Paper copies of the booklet can be requested by calling Maryland Access Point (MAP) of Baltimore County at 410-887-2594.


Caregivers Program Specialists offer free individual Consultations to eligible family caregivers who would like support, guidance and resources regarding the care of their older relative. Limited respite stipend funds are available to eligible families to help pay for care so they can take a break from their caregiving responsibilities. In Baltimore County, call 410-887-4724.

Free Quarterly Newsletter

Caregiver Connection is a quarterly newsletter filled with practical information for 
family caregivers of older adults. Subscribe online to receive the electronic version of the newsletter.

Support Groups

Local Support Groups are an important resource for caregivers to talk with others about problems and solutions. Some support groups are general and others are disease specific.

Community Resource Guide

An annual directory of services and resources for seniors and people with disabilities, the Community Resources Guide is available online and in paper version at your local senior center and public library.

Education and Outreach

Outreach events especially for family caregivers are offered throughout Baltimore County in senior centers, the work place, houses of worship and area universities. To learn about upcoming events, contact MAP of Baltimore County by calling 410-887-2594.

Educational events focusing on people with disabilities are hosted by the Baltimore County Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) member organizations. The ADRC event calendar is posted online and is updated quarterly.

Related Programs

Another resource for family caregivers offered by BCDA is the Center Connection Program, located in eight county senior centers.

Contact Baltimore County Department of Aging

For more information, call MAP at 410-887-2594, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., or email


Revised April 20, 2016        

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